Bike Iola!


Monday and Wednesday, departs 6:00 PM from the Vidar of Iola, State Street, Iola
Moderate-paced recreational social ride.

The Ride:

This group leaves from Vidar of Iola on State Street in Iola at 6:00 PM sharp each Monday and Wednesday. Depending on those who show up, we ride local routes between 15 and 25 miles, usually with some destination on the route (i.e., Big Falls, Sunset Lake, Scandinavia, Ogdensburg, etc.). Since this group is so diverse, we usually set the riding pace between 14 to 20 mph to accommodate everyone. The distance and speed on any given ride night is dictated by the comfort level of the riders who show up, weather, and sunset time. We may stop once or twice during the ride, depending on the needs of the group. We stay together during the ride, staying away from paces or accelerations that will leave behind fellow riders. If rider(s) fall back, we lower the tempo and someone goes back to pace the rider(s) back to the main group. We may even ride a very short loop for beginning riders or those getting back into biking so everyone can enjoy a group ride. No matter what the course or arrangement, we always socialize as we enjoy the local country roads. After the rides, some of the riders are known to feast on gelato at The Millstone restaurant or ice cream at Shivers.

All riders must wear approved biking helmets.
The hilly terrain around Iola-Scandinavia means riders should be in good physical shape.

The Riders:

We are a mixed group, married couples and singles. We all have differing levels of training, experience, and physical fitness. We share a passion for bike riding on the road, enjoy riding in a group, and enjoy the social aspects this ride offers. Some of us ride quite a bit, and others only get out once or twice a week. Many of us like to travel and tour on our bikes, and conversations often revolve around our biking activities. Mostly, we enjoy riding at a fairly leisurely pace, taking in the scenic beauty, and enjoying being on the bike and visiting with others.

Will You Fit In?

This ride is for bike enthusiasts of all levels. Normally, if you can average 14+ mph on an out-and-back or circuit ride between 15 and 25 miles, then you should be able to handle riding with this group. But if your riding level is below this, please still come, as we will accommodate you with other bikers at your level, or the group will ride a short loop back to the start so you can at least bike a few miles with the rest of the group. Still, you may find the hills to be the greatest challenge to stick with the group. For those who want to crank up the pace, we do have riders doing longer routes at faster paces, in the 20-mph range, if that’s more your style.


Greg Loescher


Heartland Bike Club