This is how Great Destinations describes our area.

Our Club is located in one of, if not THE, most beautiful and accessible areas in the United States that is truly conducive to road cycling.  Located in Central Wisconsin, and in a mostly rural area, Portage and the surrounding counties have a huge network of paved, tree lined, and quaintly rustic roads.  The area is spotted with numerous small towns and villages many situated on streams and creeks that beckon bicyclists to come and explore.   If you live in or are visiting an urban area, like Stevens Point/Plover, the gateway to this labyrinth of quality paved roads in any direction is only minutes away by bicycle.   The large variety of roads right at your doorstep from wherever you start always makes for a new adventure in road bicycling every time you head out the door.

Some of our most favorite roads to ride from Stevens Point:

To the North:
(gently rolling hills)

  • Old Wausau Road
  • Dewey Drive
  • Casimir Road
  • Co Hwy X
  • Co Hwy DB
  • Jordan Road
  • North Reserve Drive
To the East:
(gently rolling hills)

  • Old Highway 18
  • Custer Road
  • Co Hwy K
  • Rolling Hills Road
  • 5th Avenue
  • 4th Avenue
  • Kennedy Road
To the West:
(mostly flat terrain)

  • West River Drive
  • River Road
  • Co Hwy II
  • Co Hwy O
  • Co Hwy C
  • Co Hwy HH
  • Co Hwy M
To the South:
(Mostly flat terrain)

  • Shady Drive
  • Kennedy Avenue
  • Hoover Avenue
  • Old Amish Road
  • Standing Rocks Rd
  • Birch Drive
  • Co Hwy EE

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