Financial Information

The HBC Steering Committee, with the assistance of the Treasurer, is responsible for maintaining the finances for the organization. This includes: maintaining checking and savings account(s), depositing income (which is primarily generated from membership dues), and paying any bills and/or obligations engendered by the organization. Depending on the number of current members, the Club’s income generally is sufficient to off-set the Club’s expenses. The expenses incurred by HBC in 2016 totaled 734.46 and are broken down as:

League of American Bicyclists Annual Membership
Wisconsin Bike Federation Annual Membership
Club Insurance Based on Membership
Web related expenses (annual estimate)
Food at events

The Club also has on occasion financially supported bicycle-related causes or projects in the community, as for example the Heartland (Underpass) Trail ($1,000). It is the hope and plan of the HBC Steering Committee to take on project(s) in the future for which financial support can be provided.