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Vuelta a Panqueques

May 27, 2017 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Event:

The third annual Vuelta de Panqueques starts from and ends at the Dunham Sports (old Walmart) parking lot off Highway 10 East in Stevens Point off Brillowski Road. This pancake ride is reminiscent of the TRIPPER, where on a warm and sunny Sunday morning in May we would ride the wonderful roads of eastern Portage County and then eat pancakes. This ride takes us on some of those same enchanting rural roads, where we will stop for brunch at the Riverside Bible Camp and partake in their free Saturday Pancake breakfast (donations welcomed).

The Ride:

We will leave promptly at 9:00 am after we determine what route would be the best to take to get to the Bible Camp, and then what route we would like to take to return to Stevens Point. Whatever route we choose, all of the quiet, rural roads of Portage County are always scenic and quaint, and make for a wonderful spring morning biking experience.

Food and Drinks:

We will be stopping at the Riverside Bible Camp on Hwy DD near Amherst. They are serving free pancakes with real maple syrup until 11:00 am, so we’ll have to hurry out there. You are encouraged, but it’s not required, to leave a donation for the meal.

Things to Remember:

  • The course will not be marked on the road.
  • You will be responsible for getting yourself back to the start point. You may need to rely on a map if you fall back from, or get out in front of, the group.
  • Even though we will be riding on country roads, remaining single file or at most two abreast and on the right side of the road shows respect for motorists, represents our Club well and is highly recommended.
  • And as always, certified helmets are required to be worn when riding at all Heartland sponsored events.

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May 27, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


John Quirk


Dunham Sports
5601 US Hwy 10 E
Steven Point, WI 54482 United States
+ Google Map


  1. JohnQPS122

    Although circumstances have kept me off the bike most of the last 3 months, and I’m terribly out of shape, I am planning on doing the Vuelta on Saturday. However, there’s a chance my wife’s health could prevent me from being able to dedicate that whole day to a bike ride. I’ll know more by mid-week. If I suspect that I won’t be able to make it, I’ll post here.

    For those who haven’t done this ride before, here’s a link to the route. You should not need a Strava account to see it. Let me know if you can’t …


  2. JohnQPS122

    PS – this ride starts at 9 AM Sharp! That’s the only way we can get to the pancakes before they are gone. So please arrive early, get kitted up, and be ready to roll right at 9 am. I’m probably looking at a 14 to 15 mph average speed, so that means 15-16 mph cruising speed. It’s 22 miles, and we have an hour and a half to get there. We’ll really take our time coming back, though. Slow as syrup on pancakes 🙂

  3. JohnQPS122

    As Columbo would say, “One More Thing.” Ignore the Google map on this page that shows us starting in Minneapolis. I don’t know why that’s wrong.

    We start in the parking lot in front of Dunham’s, behind Applebee’s, on the southeast corner of 10 and Brilowski Rd.


  4. jackfriess

    Map of departure point (Dunham Sports) is fix. We have no excuse now but to attend this event!!

  5. JohnQPS122

    The 3rd Annual Vuelta a Panqueques (Tour of Pancakes) was great! The weather was beautiful, and the company was okay (hahahq). We had 4 club members and 2 esteemed guests along for the ride.

    1. JohnQPS122
    2. jackfriess

      I agree: great ride, great food (Mmmm, mmmm, good!), and nice socializing. Looking forward (already) to next year’s event! [Thanks for the photos, John. Posted group photo as one of the top banner photos.]

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