Steering Committee

Heartland Bike Club Steering Committee

According to the HBC By-Laws, the Club shall be governed by a ten-member Steering Committee consisting of four Officers (the President, Treasurer, Website Administrator, and Member Services Administrator) and six at-large Members.  The Steering Committee is responsible for administering the Club, including convening the Annual Meeting, recommending Member benefits and dues, planning and approving Club rides and events calendar, initiating and completing community bicycle-related projects, authorizing expenditures, taking suggestions and ideas from Members and others for  improving the operations and the functioning of the Club, and other administrative tasks.  The Steering Committee meets periodically, but normally does most of its business online through email and Facebook messaging.

Current Steering Committee Members:

Jeanette Friess (2020)
 Website Administrator
Jack Friess (2019)
Michael Zurawski (2019)
 Member Services Administrator


At Large Members

Patrick Sinnott (2021) 715-310-7110
Greg Loescher (2020) 715-445-2456
Rob Hoffman (2019) 715-570-6899
Mindy Borchardt (2021) 715-341-3253
Sharon Menzel (2020) 715-323-0900
Thomas Hosking (2019) mthosking@sbcglobal.netail 715-344-6247
Edward Hasenohrl (2021) 715-451-5393

Heartland Bike Club