About Us

Organized in the early 80s, the Heartland Bike Club (HBC) has a long history of providing bicycle riding experiences for its members and the public, and to advocate for and advance bicycling in Central Wisconsin.  We are a group of social and civic-minded bicycle enthusiasts joining together to form a non-profit bicycling club to provide opportunities for the bicycling pleasure and recreation, and to promote and advocate for bicycling issues.

I truly appreciate the Heartland Bike Club. I like the camaraderie and structure of the weekly rides, and I always look forward to the weekend events.
~Sharon Menzel, HBC Member since 2003

Whether we ride for fun, health, or sport, we are basically non-competitive. Our group rides are primarily social experiences which attempt to promote a sense of camaraderie among the participants.  Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned rider, we’ve got a group and a ride for you.  Our rides are open to members and first-time non-members alike.  Check out our weekday evening rides.  And our events calendar has special weekend rides where we usually enjoy refreshments after the ride.  You will also find that many of our members enjoy other rides and events both in the state and nationally.  Join us and you’ll find a welcoming group who love to ride.

I feel that the reason that I have been able to reach my personal annual goals in the sport physically and mentally is strongly due to the group support through the many different levels of rides that occur weekly, monthly on a consistent basis. I personally need the extra “push” that I may not always give myself!
~Rob Hoffman, HBC Member since 2014

We also work to promote bicycling and to enhance bicycling experiences by improving bike infrastructure in our area.  We take on projects focused on creating or upgrading roads, trails, and bike routes.  For instance, in the past we were instrumental in saving an important railroad crossing used by local cyclists, helping to create a bike path under the Interstate (Heartland Trail), and to assist local officials to redesign rumble strips to be more bicycle-friendly.

We are organized as a club under IRC § 501(c)(7), which means we are not incorporated, however we do have by-laws and are governed by a Steering Committee.  We conduct most of our business online, but also through periodic administrative meetings and a Spring Annual Meeting which is open to all Members and the public.  Those of us who join the Club pay annual membership dues.

I really like the Wednesday evening group ride. I ride a lot by myself, so I enjoy the relaxed pace, the socializing, and the fact that we stay together. I have met numerous people on this ride who I would never have ever met in other ways. I am grateful to Heartland for sponsoring this great group ride.
~Mike Zurawsk, HBC Member since 2004

We welcome your involvement with our group.  Please come join us on one of our rides, maybe on one of our biking events, or help out on one of our project(s).  And mostly, enjoy all the benefits of membership by becoming an HBC Member.  Won’t you come and bike with us?

Heartland Bike Club